Pilates Machines

Small Group Machine Class

Did You Know?

Pilates on the Machines is one of the few forms of exercise recommended for pregnant women. In many cases it can even be continued through the entire course of the pregnancy.


Interested in trying the Pilates Machines?


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30-Minute Trial Machine Session!

The idea of "machines" can be intimidating to some, but these are nothing like the machines you'll find at a gym! The Pilate Machines--which include the Reformer, Cadillac, Tower, Pilates Chair and Ladder Barrel--add a different dynamic to the more commonly known Mat Pilates principles. The concentration on core muscle strength is the same, however instead of relying only on your body for resistance against gravity, the Pilates Machines provide resistance for you. Any number of the various Pilates Machines may be incorporated into a session.


The Machines are extremely versatile and are great for clients of all experience and ability levels. The added stability allows for higher precision of form and better targeting of specific muscles. Pilates Machines are an excellent choice for those with injuries, chronic pain, or long-term illness (such as Multiple Sclerosis or Rheumatoid Arthritis).


Private Sessions

The best way to start out on the Pilates Machines is with one-on-one Pilates Machine Sessions! Our highly trained Pilates Machine Instructors are able to tailor each session to suit the individual needs and abilities of each client, making the machines perfect for all experience levels. 


We also offer Duet Sessions, which are just like our Private Machine Sessions but set up for two! If you would you like to work out alongside a friend or your significant other, then a Duet would be perfect for you.


Small Group Classes (By reservation: phone, email or in person at the studio.)

Our Small Group Machine Classes incorporate the same core strengthening exercises as our Private Machine Sessions, but in a group setting. Maximum of five per class, minimum of two. 

Please Note: Small Group class reservations are made on an ongoing basis and continue until the client request a change. Reservations are not connected to the completion of a package. In cases of extended absence, such as vacation, reserved spaces can only be guaranteed for one month.

Regardless of prior Pilates experience, all clients are required to take at least one Private Machine Session prior to joining a Machine Class. This ensures that the instructor is aware of individual needs, and makes for a smoother transition into the group dynamic.

All Machine Classes and Sessions are by appointment only.

Appointments are 55 minutes long.

Please be aware of our

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

For all Private Sessions and Machine Classes/Sessions.


If we do not receive notice of a cancellation at least 24-hours prior to the scheduled appointment, we are obligated to charge the full price for the canceled Session. We must be strict with this policy in order to accommodate all of our clients, and as a courtesy to instructors who are compensated on a per-client basis and have made a time commitment to our schedule.


We appreciate your understanding!