Mat Pilates

The Pilates and More Mat Pilates Program has been in development since Valeria first began her work in Brazil. Pilates focuses on strengthening the core muscles, which include the abdominals, back muscles, inner thighs, and gluteus. These are the muscles responsible for supporting the entire skeletal structure. By strengthening these muscles we create better support for the structure of the body. The Pilates technique uses one's own body weight as resistance against gravity to promote the development of long, lean muscle. This improves physical health, stability, balance and flexibility, which in turn increases mobility and relieves aches and pains. What could be bad?!


Group Classes
Interested in seeing what Mat Pilates is all about? Why not try one of our Mat Pilates Group Classes? Whether you are new to Pilates or have years of experience, we have a class that will work for you. We offer a variety of Mat Pilates Group Classes at a wide range of times 7 days a week! Just pick the class that you think is right for you, or ask us and we will help you! We do our best to keep our classes reasonably sized, usually ranging from 5 to 10 people, which makes it easier for our instructors to distribute their attention to all clients as needed. Our Mat Pilates Group Classes are "walk-in friendly" meaning advanced sign-up is not required, however we do suggest that new clients let us know when they are planning to attend their first class.


Stretch & Strengthen

Taught by licensed Physical Therapist Karen Gstalder-Dring, this class is a combination of Physical Therapy stretching and traditional Mat Pilates. Karen's class may have a slower pace, but that does not mean it's easy! It is great for any experience level, and works wonders for those looking to add more precision to their workouts. As you go along, Karen will explain exactly what your body should be doing and why, making for a more powerful mind-body connection. Stretch & Strengthen is considered a Mat Pilates Group Class.

Private Sessions with Valeria

Valeria's Private Sessions are far more than just Mat Pilates. She tailors each of her sessions to suit the specific needs of the individual, adding in her knowledge of anatomy, massage and rehabilitation therapy. Valeria's sessions are excellent for those who need special help with back pain, body alignment, rehabilitation, and flexibility. Private Sessions are by appointment only.


Fuse Sessions

Our Pilates Fuse Sessions make it possible to get the specialized care of a Private Session with Valeria at a more comfortable rate. Fuse Sessions are taken with one of our trained Pilates Instructors but include Valeria’s guidance and supervision.  

Did You Know?

Joseph Pilates was an asthmatic and developed his breathing technique in part as a way to improve his own breathing. A consistant Pilates practice will not only increases your lung capacity but also improve the actual quality of your breathing. 


Check out the video above to see one of Valeria's Mat Pilates Group Classes in action!

All Classes and Sessions are 55 minutes long, unless otherwise stated.

Please be aware of our

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

For all Private Sessions and Machine Classes/Sessions.


If we do not receive notice of a cancellation at least 24-hours prior to the scheduled appointment, we are obligated to charge the full price for the canceled Session. We must be strict with this policy in order to accommodate all of our clients, and as a courtesy to instructors who are compensated on a per-client basis and have made a time commitment to our schedule.


We appreciate your understanding!