Program Prices

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Mat Pilates Walk-In Group Classes 

Walk-in Class: $27

4-Class Mat/Barre Package: $99

6-Class Mat/Barre Package: $141

8-Class Mat/Barre Package: $175

Your first walk-in class is only $10!

Packages are valid for 5 weeks from 1st use.

Private Machine Sessions

With Valeria 

Single Session: $150  

5-Session Package: $625

10-Session Package: $1,200



Small Group Classes

(By reservation for 2-5 participants.)


*Single Class: $45

(Not sold individually.)


*6-Class Package: $240

*10-Class Package: $360

Private Machine Sessions


Single Session: $110


Introductory 3-Session Package: $270

5-Session Package: $495

10-Session Package: $950


Duet Sessions

(Pricing per person.)


Single Session: $65


10-Session Package: $600


(Come with a partner

or ask about possible pairings.)

Yoga Private Sessions


Single Session: $95


10-Session Package: $900



MELT Walk-In Group Classes


Single Class: $25


6-Class  Package: $102


First class is only $10!


Customized Massage Treatment

(By appointment.)


55-Minute Treatment: $120


80-Minute Treatments available upon request.   

Monthly Membership Options


Monthly Walk-in Class Membership  

Unlimited attendance to any of our

Walk-in Classes.


$180 per month