“My life is intense; I have three kids ages 9, 6, and 2. I come here and clear my mind and concentrate on my body. It is a good thing to do -- to take a break from everything.” - RM
“After my stroke, I said, ‘I’m not going to stay in a wheelchair.’ Valeria showed me which muscles had to be strengthened, and helped with my hip alignment. I saw a neurologist twice, but now he doesn’t need to see me; he said that I am improving and doing fine!” - FC
“I have been seeing Valeria for years, and I love it! She has done wonderful things for my health and my body.” - CM
“About a year ago I began my Pilates journey. I took a class just to try it out and I have been going regularly every week since. I can sincerely say that Pilates has transformed my life and my body. The team at Pilates and More is amazing, and the studio feels like home.” - BV
“Pilates and More has transformed my sedentary existence into a healthy, active one. I feel alive and energized after each session. I can feel myself getting stronger after each week.” - JS