Yoga is an exercize technique that works to help each individual develop the connection between the body, the mind and the spirit. Yoga implements a variety of poses and stretches, as well as specialized breathing techniques, that help to focus the mind and increase ones awareness of the body. Consistent practice of Yoga has been shown to increase flexibility, strength, and circulation, and can even decrease stress and lower blood pressure.


Group Classes

Group Yoga Classes at Pilates and More are "Vinyasa" style, which means that they coordinate movement and breath into a flowing series of poses. These poses strengthen and stretch your body, ultimately helping to achieve a calmer more relaxed state of mind.

Expect to feel re-energized after each class!


Private Sessions

Interested in Yoga, but not interested in joining a class? Private Yoga Sessions may be perfect for you. Whether you are new to Yoga, or have years of experience, the one-on-one attention in a Private Session will help you develop your technique, strengthen your mind-body connection, and find the Yoga form that is best for you. Private Yoga Sessions are by appointment only. 

Classes and Sessions are 55 minutes long, unless otherwise stated.

Yoga Class